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Nowadays, fitness has become a trend, a lot of people to have a healthy body, perfect figure, will choose to act, but must pay attention to in our body at the same time, ensure its good physical condition. t25 beachbody Here are some need male fitness Master note:
1, sweating, careful dehydration.
Men need water more than women, for men, the required muscle than fat in the water more than three times, and in the man’s body, muscle accounted for about 40%, in the ordinary women in the body, muscle accounted for only a little more than 20%.
Water and lubricating joints, t25 challenge regulate body temperature and dissolved nutrients, transported into the body. About two liters of water per day for men need, motion man water consumption times.t25
2, training, should be promptly added chrome.
Chromium is a vital minerals, it can reduce the body’s cholesterol, increase endurance, also can make the muscle growth, fat oxidation.
Quality grapes and raisins have a natural “chrome base” reputation. Ordinary men who eat a bunch of grapes per day can provide enough chromium, to participate in the exercise of men need to redouble.
3, the body often congestion, need to supplement vitamin K.
In the exercise, some people a little bump, t25 delta phase the body is bruised or congestion, and for a long time does not heal, this is the body lacks a signal of vitamin K. Vitamin K is “hemostatic hero”, the lack of it, will delay the blood coagulation, serious person can cause blood cannot solidification.
Cauliflower is rich in vitamin K, eat per week 2 ~ 4 times of cauliflower can well relieve bruises or congestion situation, has on the body then, vitamin K is contained in Asparagus lettuce. Eat foods t25 for sale rich in vitamin K, can not only strengthen the vascular wall flexibility, can also eliminate the bumps and bruises.
4, sports cramps, pay attention to calcium, magnesium.
Leg cramps symptoms after exercise, do not show your exercise overload, but the lack of nutrition. Calcium, magnesium in the main role of the human collaboration is involved in neuromuscular transmission, t25 gamma physical exercise is very easy to cause the lack of calcium, magnesium, and then the neuromuscular transmission blocked, lead to leg cramps.
Adult men daily calcium requirement is 1000 to 1800 mg, mg daily dietary recommended amount is 350 mg, adequate sources of calcium, t25the milk is a good choice. The green food containing magnesium in the most easily absorbed, nuts, seafood can also be found in rich high quality magnesium.

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Many of us actually is to lose weight, so we have a lot of people choose to exercise on an empty stomach, think “better weight loss diet + exercise”, but the truth is that if we ate some food more before t25 lower focus the movement to our weight loss.
To choose warm food 1, before exercise
If you want to make the metabolic rate of body fat quickly, then can one hour in doing exercise before eating food hot food, can effectively increase the basic metabolism of the body, such as carrots, onion, leek, ginger, pepper, onion, garlic, pepper, but if gastrointestinal discomfort t25 modifier people, the best don’t eat too much stimulation of hot food, such as pepper, pepper etc..
Supplemental carbohydrate 2, before exerciset25
Although in the weight loss process, heat control is very important, but to lose weight also don’t think hungry exercise will make you slimmer, because the movement will consume heat and moisture in the body, if the fasting movement, instead will let the mental compensation, but eat more after exercise. Therefore, if not after meal 1-1.5 hours after exercise, the best in the 1 hour before exercise, the added amount of carbohydrates, such as high fiber biscuits, yogurt, fresh fruit, easy to digest food, in addition to avoid movement after t25 online the blood glucose decreased over the discomfort symptoms, can also increase the persistence of movement and reduce fatigue after exercise with a sense of hunger. But if the movement before or feel hungry, low sugar drink can drink, such as honey water or low sugar soya bean milk.
3, before motion should be according to the motion time drinking more than 500cc Wen Kaishui
In the process of movement, the weight t25 preview of the blood circulation speed will be faster, even feel hungry, don’t eat right, in order to avoid the blood flow to the gastrointestinal tract of fast, influenced the rate of fat burning. Due to the movement of body is easy to loss of water and electrolyte, if added moisture not properly, will likely produce dehydration, health hazard. Therefore, every 10-15 minutes to add a water is needed, the best choice is to let the warm boiling water, hot body absorbs quickly enough water, avoid drinking ice water, heat to the body metabolism rate.
Have some biscuits in 4, 1 hour before exerciset25
The best in the t25 questions past 1 hours to 2 hours to eat some high fiber biscuit, or yogurt, raisins, or fresh fruit. This will allow you to exercise more.
5, appropriate to eat some carbohydrate foods before exercise
Such as fruit, bread, rice and noodles, is easy to digest, but also provide carbohydrate, so that movement is energy. Carbohydrate food, low glycemic index foods are digested into sugar more slowly, can muscle long time for t25 routine the activities of the supply of carbohydrates.
I think the above introduction can let many people know, but exercise before I eat more conducive to our health, next time don’t blindly fasting to lose weight.

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Spring has come, summer be far behind? The cool season, you dare to show your figure? Sexy skirt, show a healthy wheat color, t25 workout perfect lines, he long legs long??? Don’t wait any longer, the sisters jumped out, a fitness, the burning of fat!t25
A high leg lift exercise
Many office workers often sedentary, cause small slender legs also become big thick legs, then use the sleeping time or after dinner time, t25 apparel do a high leg lift exercise, can effectively exercise the buttocks, hips to reduce. The best is the time to get up every day, can do five groups of high leg lift, can become more solid.
10 minute skip rope
Each night after t25 calendar dinner, in the living room, jumping rope for 10 minutes, it is best to eat less or do not eat, this approach is in place both feet jump 1 – 2 minutes, then do shake hands rope, his legs together jump for 1 minutes. Not only the body fat is burned, but also t25 focus stimulate the rate of development.
Climb the stairs thin buttockt25
Now many are white-collar workers have already been accustomed to take the elevator, but the stairs is a can thin buttock and thin t25 discount buttock and can easily lose weight method, because make the legs and buttocks are in motion, such a day in sedentary condition, also do not accumulate some fat, regardless of class or to work, the stairs every day, for a week of natural thin buttock and thin buttock will have obvious effect.